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Last Icon Maker Standing

Ready to be challenged?

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lims stands for Last Icon Maker Standing. Each round will have around six challenges. Each challenge will either consist of a theme or image for you to go by.
So, for example, if a theme is "Bears", you will have to use any picture of a bear for your icon. However, if the theme is "Tiny Text", you can you any picture you like, but you will have to have tiny text somewhere in the icon.
I hope that makes sense!

This community is run by ureshii_na and dresstokill
You must join and friend the community in order to participate in the challenges.


All icons must be 100x100 px and under 40kb and either in jpeg, gif, or png format.
All icons are due the following Saturday at 10 PM PST.
Voting will be posted soon after submissions are closed, unless an extension is made.
Do not vote for your own icons or get someone else to vote for you. All participants must vote.
Your icon cannot be posted anywhere or be a userpic for any LiveJournal account until the voting is over. Failure to remain anonymous will cause disqualification.
Results will be up on the Monday after voting is posted; the new challenge for the week will be up after results are shown.
You must participate in every challenge, or be removed from the competition.
Be able to handle possibly negative things about your icons. It's nothing personal, as all entries are anonymous. If you can't take being voted out, then this isn't the community for you.

The top three winners will get banners & maybe something else. [to be decided]
Saturday - Icons due, voting post put up.
Monday - Voting results, new challenge put up.